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Screenshot 2023-03-09 193636.png

Research Collaboration:

Phillip Han, Aiden Marshall,
John de Carvalho


Co-Researcher, Lead Designer

Time Period:

Mar. 2022 - June. 2022


Adobe Illustrator, XD


Our BIMD 363 class was tasked with looking at the current space of Smart TVs to find current issues and problem points that users face. Based on those problems within the space, we were to redesign a current interface, focusing on addressing current user needs.

Formative Research

  • Objective was to understand the current market of Smart TVs and the key players within the scene.

  • Listed assumptions both about the product and the primary users.

  • Did an initial brief field observation and listed key takeaways.

Screenshot 2023-03-09 200741.png
Primary Research Report
  • Our group conducted 3 separate tests on the Roku Smart TV system to understand the pain points with its current interface.

  • Our main takeaways lie in those unfamiliar with the system, with them taking more steps than ideal.

Contextual Inquiry Findings

Design Solution and Iteration

Design Goals

Our research pointed us in the direction of either focusing on the remote or the actual interface of the Roku TV system. I decided to focus on the remote, as there was some displeasures with the functionality of part of the remote. The remote currently has issues where there are certain buttons mapped to specific applications, applications that may not be used. This state would then become the focus of my redesign.

Initial low-fidelity ideation of the Roku redesign. This would focus on:

  • Recreation of the current ROKU UI

  • The customization of buttons

This wireframe would also act as a psedo-user flow. Showcasing the direction that users would take within the ROKU system.


Final Prototype and Learnings

Screenshot 2023-03-09 203111.png
Customization Page
  • Upon getting professional review I learned a lot regarding how the final design felt

    • Regarding the overall pitch, having more confidence in the work as well as having a more structured outline would have been great within the initial pitch presentation to other people.​

  • The current state of the design doesn't communicate the current app that is assigned to each specific button.

  • The overall feature wasn't completely too extensive as a final design iteration, fully understanding how wide or narrow the scope should be will to address the problem.

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